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Holiday Giving and Small Business

The past two years have been, and continue to be, incredibly trying for everyone – individuals, families, large companies, small businesses, educators, non-profit organizations, etc.  Last year, Classic Drycleaners recognized […]

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

When most of us think about washing our clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably water. So how can cleaning clothes be a “dry” process? What does […]

What Dryer Settings Should I Use?

What Dryer Settings Should I Use? Dryers are extremely convenient, but their various settings can be confusing. You may be wondering what temperature to dry clothes at, or if you can […]

Top 8 Things to Do When Visiting Hershey and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for fun activities, exciting thrills, and delicious cuisine in the heart of Pennsylvania, the Hershey Harrisburg Region is the place to go. With dozens of diverse options […]

How to Iron Clothes

How to Iron Clothes For the inexperienced, ironing can be an intimidating task. The steam, the high heat, and the stress of wanting your clothes to look their best can […]

Supporting Non-Profit Organizations in Your Local Community

Classic Drycleaners, along with fellow small businesses throughout Pennsylvania, has been tested beyond belief this year.  We are certainly not alone in this struggle.  Non-profit organizations are also experiencing the […]

How to Organize Your Closets: The Ultimate Guide

When you’re in a rush to get ready, you don’t want a cluttered closet to slow you down. The best way to handle the situation and reclaim time lost to […]

The Benefits of Attended Laundromats

While an unattended laundromat can provide a mostly straightforward experience, they often fall short when you consider other important benefits.  At an attended laundromat, there are many more perks to […]