Suede and Leather Cleaning, Alterations, and Repairs

We are the ONLY dry cleaner in Central Pennsylvania providing leather cleaning and suede cleaning.  All work is completed by our on-site Suede and Leather Expert. You can take comfort in knowing that your favorite leather item is not being shipped outside the area.  Enjoy personalized, local service.

Our Suede and Leather Expert can bring new life to your leather garment without sacrificing its character and overall look.  Our cleaning process is so gentle that even the most delicate of leather and suede garments turn out beautifully.

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Our Suede and Leather Expert provides:

  • Leather Coat Cleaning
  • Suede Cleaning
  • Leather Painting and Re-Dying
  • Vintage Leather Restoration / Vintage Suede Restoration
  • Suede Re-dying

Our Suede and Leather Expert cares for items, such as:

  • Jackets and Coats, including Varsity Jackets
  • Pants and Chaps
  • Vests and Shirts
  • Purses and Handbags
  • Boots and shoes – including the UGG brand!

While we are known for dry cleaning suede and dry cleaning leather, our process is actually water-based.  This process offers many benefits including reduced shrinkage, increased stain removal, and the ability to maintain the soft, supple feel that many leather and suede wearers love.

Professional Leather/Suede Alteration and Repairs

In addition to our Suede and Leather Expert, we have a professional tailor who offers extensive repairs and alterations for leather and suede garments.

  • Patches – We work with many local VFW and American Legion Riders groups, as well as cruisers groups, for leather jacket patches (and vests). We encourage our Riders to bring along group specs to ensure proper patch placement.
  • Leather Repair / Suede Repair – Once someone finds the perfect leather jacket, coat, or vest, rarely do they want to give it up when it starts to show signs of love. Our tailor offers repair services such as zipper replacement, hole patching, snap replacement, and seam repair.
  • Leather Tailoring / Suede Tailoring If you are adding a new garment to your collection, know that our tailor performs a variety of leather alterations and suede alterations. Our tailor can shorten leather pants, shorten coat sleeves by removing and reattaching the cuff – the possibilities are endless.

Leather Cleaning

Classic Drycleaners has experts who can clean your leather jackets professionally and effectively. Rather than being a one size fits all dry cleaner, we know that materials like leather require specific attention to detail when cleaning.

When you trust us to be your leather coat and apparel cleaners, you can expect your leather items to look amazing after going through our careful and thorough cleaning methods:

  • We pay close attention to the specific type of leather garment you put into our hands, as not all leathers are created equal.
  • We apply specific cleaning methods adapted to the different issues that often accompany leather garments. From stains to excess oil absorption, we cover a wide range of cleaning issues associated with leather.
  • When necessary, we offer solutions for leather that has faded over time as well as vintage leather restoration. While some leather wear and tear is normal, you may want to have your leather garments re-dyed from time to time to keep them looking new.

Suede Cleaning

At Classic Drycleaners, our expert suede cleaning will help to ensure your suede shoes, coats, and other suede materials are taken care of in a way that allows them to retain their longevity. Our suede cleaning aims to remove dry stains and oil stains on suede clothing. This results in an even suede finish and renewed color once the suede cleaning is complete.

Suede cleaning can be tricky, and it definitely isn’t something you want to do without a professional. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art suede cleaning services at a reasonable price. You’ll be able to maintain your suede apparel’s aesthetic and increase its longevity. Our dedicated professionals offer specialized care for all of your suede garments with processes such as:

  • Professional suede cleaning services
  • Careful attention to detail — we choose our exact suede cleaning processes based on the type of suede and the state of the garment
  • Specialty vintage suede restoration
  • Expert residue and stain removal that preserves the integrity of the suede while removing unsightly imperfections

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