Doing business with us is easy.  We offer a variety of special offers and discounts to make your budget happy!

10% Discount & Hassle-Free Rewards

There’s no need to prepay for services or carry a special card. You automatically receive 10% off all our services just because we appreciate your business.  And, you earn points as you spend!  For every $1 you spend, you earn 1 point.  Reach 200 points, and receive a $5 off coupon!

Classic Cares Discount

First responder uniforms (military, EMS, police, fire) and clergy items are eligible to receive 15% off. Combined with our everyday 10% discount, that’s a savings of 25%!  Thank you for your service to our community.

Volunteer Fire Departments

We provide FREE cleaning for all Class A and Class B uniforms for our local volunteer fire departments. We also offer free Santa suit cleaning for departments that host community holiday parties, neighborhood firetruck visits, etc.  Thank you for keeping our lives, and property, safe.  (Please contact us if you would like Free Class A Cleaning Certificates for your department.)

Community Cash

We love supporting local events and often donate valuable coupons for goodie bags. If you snag one of these coupons, hang on to it tight!  These offers do expire and are only valid one per person.