Can You Clean Your Jeans by Freezing Them?

In 2019, a great debate started on the internet. People argued over how often you should wash your jeans. The controversy led to a surprising number of denim devotees revealing their secret to jeans maintenance — putting them in the freezer. It’s one of those ideas that sounded just crazy enough to work.

Can you actually freeze your jeans to clean them? Alas, the answer is no. The bacteria and germs on your jeans won’t die in the freezer. They will just hibernate until you pull the denim back out.

Instead of learning how to wash jeans in the freezer, you’re better off learning denim cleaning techniques that will work. We’ve gathered a few tips that can help you keep your favorite jeans comfy and soft.

1. Wait to Wash Your Jeans

While many pieces of clothing require laundering after every use, jeans aren’t one of them. In fact, wearing jeans twice, three times and much longer is just fine. You don’t want to overlaunder them, or they can easily fade. Some denim makers also suggest that long-term wear without washing is better for the environment because it uses less water.

2. Wash Jeans if You Wear Them Outside Repeatedly

In many cases, you can go multiple wearings without washing your denim. But if you work outside or perform manual labor in jeans, you need to launder more frequently. You don’t want them to smell, and you need to remove visible dirt so it doesn’t get caked onto the pants. Stains can become permanent or damage color if not promptly removed.

3. Spot-Clean Your Jeans When You Spill Something

Spills happen. At some point, you will eventually drop spaghetti, pizza or another favorite food on your jeans. To increase the time between wears, spot-clean the spill immediately using these tips:

  • Gently remove any food still on the jeans
  • Wet a washcloth and put some mild dish soap on it
  • Blot at the stain until most of it comes off

When you wash the jeans later, put some detergent on the spot where you had the spill for more cleaning power.

4. Use the Right Technique When You Launder

There are three things you should do when you finally toss those jeans in the washing machine:

  1. Turn them inside out to protect the denim
  2. Wash in cold water
  3. Use a mild detergent

If you are laundering dark jeans, you can look for detergent designed for dark clothes that will stop denim from fading.

5. Don’t Put Your Jeans in the Dryer

Denim should stay soft to maintain its shape and unique fabric structure. Throwing jeans in the dryer could misshape them and lead to shrinking. If you absolutely must use the dryer, put it on low heat.

Let Classic Drycleaners Care for Your Jeans

By using these techniques to care for your jeans, you will keep them looking and smelling good — and save the freezer for ice cream, not denim. You can wash your jeans and other laundry at one of our self-service laundromat locations. We also offer pickup and delivery for dry cleaning, wash and fold and laundry services.

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