Supporting Non-Profit Organizations in Your Local Community

Classic Drycleaners, along with fellow small businesses throughout Pennsylvania, has been tested beyond belief this year.  We are certainly not alone in this struggle.  Non-profit organizations are also experiencing the devastating effects of this pandemic.  Many have canceled annual fundraisers and ongoing events, all of which are crucial to sustaining their missions.

For example, Classic Drycleaners supports roughly 600 local, non-profit events each year and donates approximately 2,500 cases of water.  This year, our water donations dipped to only 600 cases due to event cancelations.  However, we continue to donate to and support our non-profit community as much as possible, despite the current state of our economy.

This holiday season, in lieu of top customer holiday gifts, we made the decision to support two local non-profit organizations with monetary donations.  On Giving Tuesday, each organization received a $1,000 donation from Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats in honor of our amazing customers.

Hospice of Central PA strives to provide the highest quality of emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance with compassion and respect.  Their mission is to be part of a community that embraces specialized care at the end of life with the same importance that is given at the beginning of life.  Their purpose is to make a difference in the lives of their patients/families, community, and each other.  They celebrate many differences, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.

Vickie’s Angel Foundation helps families fighting cancer who have difficulties paying their bills during the challenging times of undergoing cancer treatments. Their goal is to take away the financial worry from the family, providing a temporary bridge that allows them to focus entirely on beating their disease.  Their financial help is for non-medical expenses focusing on the basic necessities to survive – rent/mortgage payments, car and food expenses, and utility expenses.  Vickie’s Angel Foundation is a temporary solution until families are able to become financially stable again.

Despite the challenges and obstacles we experienced, and continue to experience, Classic Drycleaners considers ourselves fortunate to be able to support these two organizations this year.  We encourage you to learn more about them by visiting their websites and/or social media.

From everyone at Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats, we wish you a safe, healthy, and peaceful holiday season.

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Classic Dry Cleaners Employees Thank You Sign


Hospice of Central PA Donation Thankyou Letter to Classic Drycleaners


Vikies Angel Foundation Donation Thankyou Letter to Classic Drycleaners