Taking Care of Gym Clothes

Anyone who works out regularly knows gym clothes aren’t cheap. The tech gets more impressive each year, meaning we have clothes that help you stay more visible, whisk away moisture, resist bacteria and more. While your clothes may do everything but pump iron for you, they do represent an investment — and you’ll want to use correct clothing care to keep them looking and feeling their best for a long time.

How to Care for Workout Clothes

Taking Care of Gym ClothesGym clothing maintenance does not have to be complicated with these simple tips:

  • Wash after every use: Bacteria, fungi and other organisms all live naturally on our skin, even though it’s not pleasant to think about. When you sweat during a good workout, they get transferred to your workout gear. The moist environment is perfect for bacterial growth, and wearing the same clothing more than once before washing can damage the fabric and expose you to dermatological issues.
  • Get vigilant about drying: Don’t have a washer handy after working out? Make sure you dry your clothes out immediately, even if it means hanging them in your car. The very worst thing you can do is stuff your sweaty gym clothes into a bag for a few hours or days. The bacteria, fungus and other nasties will start to grow, making it hard to clean the clothes well afterward.
  • Be gentle: Save your aggression for a high-octane workout and use a gentle cycle when washing your gym clothes. Most of these clothes are made from thin, synthetic materials and cannot handle rough treatment. If you have a choice, a front-loading washer will be gentler than a top-loading one.
  • Turn your gear inside-out: This can help your clothes stay looking newer, longer, since the outside part is more protected during a wash. Also, your washer will be able to tackle the part in direct contact with your skin, which is the part of your clothes most in need of a thorough cleaning.
  • Deodorize before you wash: Stinky workout clothes? Mix four parts water and one part vinegar. Soak your clothing in this mix for up to 30 minutes before washing to help freshen your gear. You can also add a teaspoon to the rinse cycle to further help with odor.
  • Go cold: Use cold or cool water when washing your clothing. Since it’s synthetic, it can warp or get damaged with hot water. The one exception is cotton. If you have any items made from 100% cotton, wash those separately in the hottest water you can. This goes for gym towels, too.
  • Avoid too many chemicals: Only use a few teaspoons of detergent and skip fabric softener entirely. Too many chemicals will coat the fibers of the material, which can trap odors.
  • Air dry: Get clothes 100% dry before putting them away. Air drying is the gentlest and best option.

Need Help?

If you’re in Harrisburg and you don’t have time for gym clothing cleaning, turn to wash and fold laundry services from Classic Drycleaners. We’ll get your clothes fresh and clean and save you time.